Word of the Day – “Peperoni”

Not quite what you expected...English-speaking pizza lovers have got this one covered, right? Peperoni in Italian, pepperoni in English = same thing. Not quite.

If you ask for some peperoni on your next pizza in Italy, you might be a little surprised when your expected little circles of lunch meat are substituted with a colourful array of peppers.

Italians must love their peppers, because they’ve got more than one word for the darn things.  Peperoncini, literally “little peppers” are the beauties you see on the right – chili peppers. Pepe nero is sale‘s companion, as black pepper usually goes hand in handwith salt, even in Italy.

So don’t be fooled! Don’t fall into the “things that sound the same must be the same” trap! It’ll take you a lot of interesting places, but maybe not when your taste buds are at risk.

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