Word of the Day – “Pullman”

La Maestra Maldestra

If you’re in Italy or planning to go there, you’ll probably have to figure out some transportation to get you from one great city to the next. Trains, boats, planes, bikes, donkeys and the heel-toe express are all excellent options, but please allow me to also recommend the “pullman”.

Doesn’t sound very Italian, does it? But it’s a word in current and popular usage. The first time I heard it, it conjured up images of a little man doing some pulling on a vehicle that just didn’t want to budge. But no, it’s actually just a bus. Plain and simple. And usually, it’s even a bus that works!

Now, its not a bus that takes you around the city streets. No no, that’s the much simpler “autobus”. The “pullman” is a highway coach – like a Coach Canada or Grayhound bus – and it’ll take you between cities or towns.

The smaller brother to the “pullman” is the “pulmino” (the –ino makes it a “little pullman”), often has an average of 9 seats, and may be used by tour operators or airport taxi services. However, there are still people who drive them around, or companies who use some of the older models to their advantage:

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