Love Those Rolling Hills of Tuscany?

Well, try walking them!

A "Rolling Hill" in Tuscany.

Flat ground and straight roads are two things that are in short supply in Tuscany, both in the countryside and the towns. As a tourist just passing through, I can’t contest that it is some of the most beautiful inland scenery you’ll see in Italy. I mean, there is a reason why those “rolling hills of Tuscany” have become a bit cliché. But ask your legs how they feel after living there for awhile. Hopefully they’ll have stopped screaming in agony long enough to answer you!

The picture above was part of the daily jaunt to and from my internship in Siena in 2010. This road leading out of the centro curves and goes on for much longer than the picture reveals. And on a ridiculous incline, of course. Luckily, I went downhill on my way to work – I don’t know how much they would have appreciated me showing up in the office red-faced and gasping for air each morning…

3 thoughts on “Love Those Rolling Hills of Tuscany?

  1. That hill does not look friendly! Maybe a bike would have been handy? I also walk to my job in Brussels and I have to walk up a rather large hill on the WAY to work….luckily the hill is not so big that I get red-faced. At least you enjoyed the fresh air and what appears to be a peaceful walk.

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