Word of the Day – “Alfredo”

La Maestra Maldestra


Alfredo sauce is of the most well-known and well-loved Italian pasta sauces in North America. There’s only one problem though – it doesn’t exist in Italy. In Bella Italia, Alfredo is a man’s name, not a type of sauce or pasta dish. If you wander into an Italian trattoria, ristorante or osteria with a hankering for the creamy, cheesy goodness you’ve become accustomed to in North America, your stomach will remain disappointed until you get back to your homeland.

Pasta al Limone

There are pasta dishes in Italy that do involve a sort of creamy (but not nearly as thick and heavy) sauce, such as the lovely pasta al limone and the delicious spaghetti carbonara that I mentioned in an earlier post. And I, as a lover of my mom’s Alfredo sauce, find both options excellent substitutes for one of my favourite “Italian” dishes that you’ll never find in Italy…

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