Word of the Day – “Ben Tornata”

La Maestra Maldestra


I’m now back in my adopted Italian home, Siena. Over the last three days, I’ve been wished “Ben tornata!” a number of times by smiling friends and acquaintances. Good thing, too! Because I’d be just a little displeased if I wasn’t “welcome back” in this glorious city, since I’m going to be here for the next few months…

And “Ben tornati” to you too, readers, for coming back and checking out Not Just Another “Dolce Vita” since I’ve sort of been on hiatus for the last couple weeks. Now that I’m back in Italy, I can assure you that my posts will be frequent and flavourful.

I’m happy to report that Siena and its inhabitants have offered me up a pretty warm welcome. Apart from the actual warmth of this city, temperature wise, people that I met and spent time with last summer have greeted me smiling and with open arms, giving a hug and two cheek kisses to la canadese (the Canadian). 

The city is filled with tourists and travelers a-plenty, bustling to see the sights, taste the panforte, and get back on the bus for the rest of their tour. The locals, on the other hand, are busy preparing for Il Palio – a horse race that dates back to the middle ages, that is the life of this city for the entire year. Think Superbowl times a million, and you’ve got Il Palio. Siena is alive and buzzing, and I’m happy to be  in the midst of it all.

6 thoughts on “Word of the Day – “Ben Tornata”

  1. Sarah, what is your contrade? I have to say that of all the places that I have been in my life and I have travelled to every country in Europe, Siena and Italy is the one place that I dream about the most. Whenever, I have a happy moment, a good book, a good coffee, my mind immediately goes to my memories of my 3 summers spent in beautiful Siena. The warm people, the Piazza, Fontana dei Gaia, the beautiful Duomo, Torre del Mangia, the university, the Palio parties, the beautiful residence on Via delle Sperandie, the great restaurants where the food tastes homemade, just like my grandmother used to prepare it.
    aaaaahhh……..la bella Italia……e solo un sogno nel quest momento!

  2. I’m glad you’re happy. I can see you in the Campo now and wish I could be there, too. Have a glass of prosecco for me!

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