On The Road Again

I can’t wait to get on the road again…

Today I’m saying “Ciao ciao” to Italia and “Cheerio” to  jolly old Inghilterra (England) as today is the first day of a nice little European viaggio I’ve decided to take. First stop, England to see friends and to get used to speaking my native tongue again. Second stop, Parigi (Paris) to meet up with my Mom and savour wine, baguettes and cheese. Third stop, Belgio (Belgium) with Mom in tow, to do very important research on a subject that is very near to my heart – Belgian chocolate!

I’m so used to living in Italy now, I’m wondering whether I’ll experience culture shock while “abroad”. I mean, will I be able to get my daily dose of Nutella? Will people look at me strange if I greet them with “ciao” and accidentally thank them with “grazie“?  Let’s hope I don’t have any traffic disasters, especially since I’ll have to look “the other way” in England before crossing the street. This’ll be especially difficult for me to remember because in Siena there aren’t many cars allowed in the town centre, so I just walk down the middle of the street without a care in the world!

Being away from my regular life in Siena may mean that I have to take a little break from posting on here. But, if inspiration strikes me mid-baguette, I might just run to the nearest internet café and jot down a post from my trip-within-a-trip.

So wish me a buon viaggio and I’ll try to post again soon!

2 thoughts on “On The Road Again

  1. God Speed Sarah! Still wish I was joining you! Maybe next year we’ll rendezvous in Siena. Have a great time visiting some of the other beautiful countries in Europe. Take care and ttys. xox

  2. Well well well.. you are going to meet your mother in parigi? sounds like a lot of fun, although it could be more fun with your brother there! i do believe your journey in tuscany is coming to a conclusion.. and if you think any different ill come get you.. love the blog sis..

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