Buon Anno!

In Italy, New Years or Capodanno (literally, the head of the year) is celebrated pretty enthusiastically. In some parts of Italy, I’d even venture to say it’s more celebrated than Christmas!

Many towns and cities organize concerts or feste (parties) to ring in the New Year, and Italians surround themselves with friends and family to do it. Restaurants and nightclubs organize a serata (a soirée, a special event night) and Italians go out to eat, drink, socialize and generally do what they love to do. Some may make resolutions for l’anno nuovo, but I’d guess that Italian New Year resolutions have as much (or as little) sticking power as their North American counterparts!

Buon Anno 2012!

Do you have any wishes for the New Year? I sure do, so please indulge me for a couple of short paragraphs. Ok? Grazie.

Now I know I’ve been a bit absent lately from the Blogging world, and for this, I apologize. As we’ve been saying arrivederci to 2011, I’ve been re-adjusting to life in Canada, reconnecting with friends and family, and finding a new job. I was also suffering from what I like to call, “Post Travel Depression”, but I’ll leave that for another post…

What I’d really like to do is wish you all my most sincere auguri di buon anno (best wishes for the New Year) and to thank you from the bottom of my cuore for reading Not Just Another “Dolce Vita”. Thanks for your supportive and constructive comments, sharing your own experiences and anecdotes with me, and for coming back time and again to read about another slice of life in Italy. Mille grazie!

For 2012 I wish you all happiness, health, and beautiful travels!

Felicissimo Anno Nuovo! Happy 2012!

~ Sarah a.k.a “Too Tall To Be Tuscan”

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