Guest Blogger: Italy is a Family-Friendly Destination

 Check out what Guest Blogger Megan Gates has to say about family travel to Italy:

While it may seem that a trip to Italy is more suited to adults than to children, the fact is Italians love children and traveling to Italy with the family is a very good idea.  Italy is much more than frescoes, old churches and vineyards. Italy provides plenty for families to do and the kids will have a ball.

The Kids Would Love It!

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Umbria is an area of Italy located in the center of the Italian peninsula.  It is the only region of Italy that is completely landlocked and features rolling green hills, fertile farmlands, forests, and rivers.  Many of the towns in Umbria are small and exude a medieval atmosphere.

The town of Gubbio has a uniquely, unspoiled, medieval feel and although the town receives many visitors it remains unspoiled and the entire family will enjoy exploring the alleyways and old buildings with arched entryways.  There are many casual dining spots and plenty of gelato shops to keep the kids happy.  There are also many nice accommodations to be found in Gubbio.  Some of the hotels have pools, which are usually a must when one travels with children.  Another hotel is set in an old stone farmhouse complete with working farm.

Lake Trasimeno, also in the Umbria region of Italy offers many recreational possibilities.  There are three islands in the lake that may be reached by ferry.  The lake is shallow and gets warm in the summer time.  One can enjoy swimming, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, or just relaxing on the beach.  Accommodations around this recreational area boast reasonable prices.  There are also villas available for rent, allowing families to relax in some extra space.  If one prefers, there is another great family option for accommodations at a local campground.  Campgrounds offer playgrounds, volleyball, ping-pong, and swimming pools.

Tuscany, known for fine art and beautiful churches, might not seem like the best place to take children, but does have enough to offer young travelers to make this locale an ideal place to consider.  Lucca is an old Italian city within Tuscany, rich with unique culture and completely surrounded by a wall.  The wall surrounding Lucca is wide enough at the top to walk or ride a bike around the entire city, allowing for a bird’s-eye-view.  There are bike rentals available in the city, with bikes to accommodate riders of any size.

Lastly, Forte dei Marmi is the beach resort area that many Tuscans choose for their own family vacations.  This town offers travelers true Tuscan resort ambiance with many Italian visitors eating at local cafes, shopping, and enjoying a passeggiata.  There are water activities to keep the youngsters entertained and mingling with the locals is a wonderfully enriching experience.  There are many affordable hotels at Forte dei Marmi, but book early because this area is a local favourite!

Megan Gates is an active blogger who provides written work to the blogosphere pertaining to New York CIty Real EstateHamptons Homes, home improvement and the latest architecture, design, fashion and travel.  Follow her on twitter @MEGatesDesign.


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