The Value of Travel – Rick Steves’ TEDx Talk

Every so often, I come across little gems of wisdom on the internet. This one is certainly worth sharing with my fellow travel enthusiasts. What is it? Travel guru Rick Steves giving a 22-minute talk for the TEDxRainier event. The subject? The value of travel.

Rick Steves has spent 4 months a year for 30 years living out of a suitcase in order to gain valuable travel experience and to research his guidebooks. I’ve been watching Rick Steves’ shows for probably 10 years now. I read his travel guidebooks, and I periodically check his websites for new updates and travel tips. His talk is interesting, informative and thought-provoking.

Here’s the link: The Value of Travel – Rick Steves Video

Happy Viewing!

One thought on “The Value of Travel – Rick Steves’ TEDx Talk

  1. I love Rick Steves’ travel books. We used his book on Spain when we were there and it was a great help.
    I like the way he pointed out that the USA thinks of itself at the top a pyramid that the rest of the world is trying to figure out. The rest if the world doesn’t even care about that pyramid. He has some excellent advice for his fellow Americans on this subject.

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