Happy 1st Blogiversary!

Happy 1st Blogiversary!

Happy Blogiversary!

   I am very proud to announce that today marks one year since Not Just Another “Dolce Vita” came into being. Exactly one year ago today, up to my eyeballs in essays and right in the middle of crunch time for my Master’s Degree in Italian Studies, I decided that it was obviously the perfect moment to start writing an Italy-themed travel and culture blog.

   Not only has my little blog baby helped me to practice and (hopefully!) hone my writing skills, it has also helped me to share my cultural knowledge of Italia and gli Italiani, as well as regale  you with stories of my many mishaps – cooking, cultural and otherwise. I’ve connected with other bloggers, readers and Italy- enthusiasts from all over the world, and it’s great to know that I’m                                                     part of a larger community.

Knowing that my 1st blogiversary (love that word) was coming up, I started to really reflect on why I decided to start writing a blog in the first place. These are the reasons I’ve come up with:

1.) Distraction – I was looking for something, anything, even remotely productive to help me get through the final crunch of my Master’s Degree. Writing blog posts instead of essays didn’t seem like the best use of my time to many people around me, but brainstorming and writing about my favourite place (Italy, if you hadn’t already guessed) gave me the boost I needed to power through my work and finish my degree.

2.) Documentation – I’ve never been a fan of blogs that read like a badly-written online diary. I don’t need to know what you eat for breakfast each day, how long your commute to work is, how much you hate/love so-and-so, et cetera. At Not Just Another “Dolce Vita’s” inception, I was, however, a month away from embarking on an extended stay in Italy. I hoped that a blog would allow me to document my experiences for the folks at home. And of course, I hoped that a few strangers would stumble upon it and read as well…

3. Practice – I have always dreamed of being a writer. When I was younger, I never dreamed of being a doctor or a vet or anything along those lines. The one dream that has been alive inside me ever since I can remember, is the dream to write. One day I’d like to be published. One day, I’d love to see my name on the cover of a book. One day. So far this blog has been a great way to see if people are interested in what I write and how I write, and to get me into the habit of semi-regular writing.

4. ItalyNeed I say more? I’ll probably have to dedicate a whole post to why I write about Italy…

5. Other Perks -I’ve figured out how the confounded blog thing works! For the most part…  I’ve connected with other writers and Italy lovers who have inspired me. I’ve expanded my social media presence. I got to work with an awesome artist to create my beautiful logo.

My choice to create a blog has been an excellent one.  

*          *          *

70 posts after my initial Welcome post, eccoci. Here we are. Grazie for reading, commenting, subscribing, tweeting, and supporting this blog. Do me a favour and follow me on Twitter @s_mastroianni and be sure to like Not Just Another “Dolce Vita’s” Facebook page. A year from now I’m hoping to celebrate Blogiversary numero 2 with twice as many subsrcibers, monthly viewers and followers. Aiutatemi! Help me to make it happen.

4 thoughts on “Happy 1st Blogiversary!

  1. Hey there! Thanks for the lovely words on Siena 🙂 Are you still living in Italy?!

    And I just read through your work and have to say I really love your writing style…keep it up and I believe you will publish that book!! Keep in touch.
    p.s. Are you Persian? Your last name seems it!

    • Ciao Natalie! Unfortunately I’m not still living in Italy. But I hope to again one day! Thank you for taking a look at some of my blog posts. I’m glad you enjoyed them! No, I’m not Persian. My dad is Italian, actually, so that’s why my last name has so many vowels in it!!!

      What inspired your interest in Italy?

      • Oh, gotchya! Makes sense. Haha!

        It is an interesting story. I actually began with French in college, loved it, hated it, and decided that the culture behind a language is critical to taking on its persona. For some reason or another, it didn’t totally settle with me and I jumped ship to Italian. My love for Italy and its language was doubtlessly immediate and a passion that has now grown to become a huge part of my life… my boyfriend lives in Bari so I have been spending a lot of time down in south, I studied abroad in Siena and Milan and my studies began in Sicily which, of all the places I have so far visited, has captured not only my heart, but also my soul. It has been an amazing ride.

        What about you? I suppose your familial origins perhaps sparked an interest in learning more about them?

      • Wow, that’s quite the story! My interest in Italy and all things Italian did sort of spring from the fact that my dad was born there and that my family still continued with many of the traditions that they brought with them from Italy. The more I learned about Italy, the language, the people and the culture, the more I felt like I belong there as well as in Canada. And I do!

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