Even though I wrote it nearly a year ago, it’s still true…

Not Just Another "Dolce Vita"

To tip or not to tip? That is the question!

In North America, diners are pretty much required to tip anywhere they go. No 15% tacked onto your Visa bill or laid out on the table? Well, you’ll certainly get a dirty look from your waitstaff. And don’t think you’ll be given those nice little mints when you leave either. No-sir-ee-bob.

But in Italy, the tipping game is played a little differently. Waiters are paid more, and don’t rely on huge table turnover to grab as many tips as possible to supplement their measly income. This is better for you, the traveler, for two reasons; you’ll get to linger as long as you’d like at your table even after you’ve finished your meal, without being hounded to leave by a waitress whose “boss would just like her to settle all the bills before her shift ends” and, you’re not obligated…

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