Meet the Frazzled Chef!

There are two reasons why my friend once referred to me as “The Frazzled Chef”:

Reason #1 has to do with my physical appearance. I have a mane of unruly, curly hair that sticks out every which way. Seriously, on my best days it looks like I’ve stuck a finger in a light socket and emerged with a new ‘do. On my not-so-best days… Well, let’s not even go there. And, when I’m cooking, I always end up wearing at least a little of what should be in the pot. You’ve got a nice mental image now, right?

Reason #2 has to do with my method. I guess you could say I’m a little unorthodox in my ways, and I’m not the most careful cook you’ve ever encountered. They could never do a cooking show on me, because they’d need to use a panoramic lens to capture the various things I leave all around the kitchen. I just can’t contain myself to one area, and this is a reflection of the way my mind works (or doesn’t) when I’m cooking.

Awhile ago, I wanted to make that mental image a real one. So I once again enlisted the help of my very talented friend Brittany, who succeeded in bringing the Frazzled Chef to life:

The Frazzled Chef

The Frazzled Chef (i.e. yours truly) has been the star of a few different blog posts: Follies of a Frazzled Chef: Disaster alla Carbonara, Follies of a Frazzled Chef: Broiled Biscotti, The Peanut Butter Crusades – Part 1 and The Peanut Butter Crusades – Part 2. Click the links to read more about my kitchen disasters!

4 thoughts on “Meet the Frazzled Chef!

  1. First off let me say that I like your Super Cool “Frazzled Chef:” pic,,it’s what drew me to read your post!
    2nd how cool is it that your living your dream. I look forward to following your blog!

    • Thanks for stopping by! Truth be told, I was living my dream in Italy, now I’m back in Canada trying to pursue other areas of my “dream life”. One day I’ll get back to Italy for another extended period though…I can feel it in my bones! I will continue to write about my experiences in Italy and throughout my other travels, so keep checking back for more posts!

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