Tante Belle Cose ~ All The Best

La Maestra Maldestra

La Maestra Maldestra

Felice anno nuovo! Happy New Year!

2013 was a wonderful year for me. I went back to school, had various jobs, travelled, wrote, and spent time with family and friends both at home and abroad. With a record like that, I’m a little sad to say goodbye to the auspicious-sounding 2013 and trade it in for 2014, but I’m optimistic.

Already, things are looking good: I’ve got a renewed work contract teaching ESL at a Toronto college, more articles being published in Panoram Italia Magazine, a couple of concerts to go to in the coming months, and my first ever creative writing course starting later this month. Last but not least, I’ve of course got plans to head back to il bel paese in the spring/summer.

2014As for you, readers, I wish you tante belle cose (many beautiful things / “all the best”) for the year to come. Thanks for reading, thanks for promoting, thanks for commenting and thanks for your encouragement.

If you’d like to help me really start the year off right (and I know you do), please nominate Not Just Another “Dolce Vita” for Italy Magazine’s Blogger Award. Simply click here, select the categories you’d like to nominate for, and click SUBMIT.

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