Word of the Day – “Girona”

La Maestra Maldestra

La Maestra Maldestra


For those of you who clicked on this hoping to find information on Barcelona’s Girona airport, or the Spanish town of Girona, mi dispiace. I apologize. You won’t find it here.

For those of your curious about the word “girona”, you’ve come to the right place.

If you try to look up this word in Italian dictionaries, you probably won’t find it. My friend Stefano, who introduced me to this word, swears that it’s dialettale, dialectal, pure Tuscan. It’s a two-parter, split up like this: gir – ona.

Now, remember when I was living in Italy and we learned what the ending –ona meant because of my eating habits in the office? Right. Ona = something large and feminine. The gir comes from the verb girare – to turn, twist, go around, tour, visit. Put them together and you get me: a twisting, turning, visiting, touring, always-in-motion kind of a girl. A girona.

Why tell you about this word now? Well, today is the day I start my next giro, so to speak.

Where am I off to this time?

Italy, naturally. It’s my second home. (Did you really expect anything different from me?)

Then, for some adventure, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, then Russia, then Finland. Then Italy and Turkey and Malta and finally back to Italy again before hitting home turf in mid-August. 100 days of happiness. (I counted).


Of course I can’t wait until tomorrow when I’m back in il bel paese (Italy), cobblestones under my feet, cappuccino in my belly and Mediterranean sunshine on my shoulders. Just like last year, I’m accompanying a group of students on a study abroad trip for a few weeks, so it should be good fun helping (some of) them discover Italy for the first time. Then I’ll be in my lovely Italian hometown, Siena, for awhile, and I’ll also be exploring a new place in Italy for me – Puglia. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about the region, so a friend and I are headed down there to explore. Non vedo l’ora! I can’t wait.

The next time I write, it’ll be from bella Italia. Ciao for now!

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