From Far And Wide, O Canada!

Happy Canada Day!

This is my traditional Canada Day post. To catch up on previous years’ posts, click here  (2013) and here (2011).

Today I’m writing to you en route from Warsaw to Krakow, in Poland. I’ve got a gaggle of Canadian students in tow for a month-long study abroad program, so I feel a little less alone on this Canada day.

Canadian traveller.

Canadian traveller, Matera, Italy.

It’s my 6th Canada Day celebrated outside of our glorious nation, you see, and I’m kind of liking the tradition. Not because I like being away for my wonderful nation’s national holiday, but more because I feel that being on the road gives me some perspective. The nostalgia for home fuels my thoughts and musings for these posts, and I, ever the proud Canadian, never feel like it’s time wasted thinking about my country. So here’s my Canada day anecdote for this year:

The other day while flying from Italy to Poland, I started flipping through my trusty phrasebook trying to learn a few basic phrases in Polish. This being my first time to Poland, I really had no idea about the language. These are the words I looked up, in this order:

Please. Thank you. Canada.

I’m not kidding. I can’t ask you for the bathroom in Polish, but I can tell you I’m Canadian. I also checked to make sure the Maple Syrup at our Polish breakfast buffet was, in fact, Canadian. It just goes to show that quite without realizing it, being Canadian, being able to communicate my Canadian-ness, and being proud of being Canadian are always at the forefront of my mind. If you don’t believe me, please let the pictures in this post do the talking for you.

My maple leaf.

My maple leaf.

So, Happy Canada Day to all the Canadians celebrating, far and wide! I know there’s a ton of you out there, so leave a comment and let us know where you’re celebrating from.

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