Welcome to 2015!

Not Just Another "Dolce Vita"Yes yes, I know I’m about a week late with this post.

I got it.

But what can I do? Lately I’ve been busy flying across the world, celebrating Christmas in another country, attending my best friend’s wedding in said other country and then traveling around said other country with, up until a few days ago, a party of 10. Sounds great, no? It has been.

The proverbial sun setting on 2014 in Queenstown, NZ.

The proverbial sun setting on 2014 in Queenstown, NZ.

But all this wonderful stuff doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about you, readers. Happy New Year! Are you excited for what’s to come? Made some resolutions, or at least some goals? Some dreams for 2015? Happy to leave 2014 in the dust, or sad to have it behind you? I’m one of those people who likes reflecting on the year around the end of December and beginning of January. And that’s what I’ve been doing, between the white-water rafting, the luging, the penguin watching and the scenic drives through New Zealand’s beautiful mountains. This year I rung in the new year with a gazillion other people in picturesque Queenstown, NZ. Have I come to any startling conclusions?


New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Queenstown, NZ.

Well, 2014, the first two thirds of it, were great for me. The last bit, not so much, but I’m not willing to let that taint the memory of the entire year. Looking forward, as I’ve often said on this blog, my life is in a beautiful, wonderful state of flux at the moment. I’ve got this trip planned until the beginning of February, but after that, my life, my job, my everything is up in the air, which means endless possibility in my books. It’s exciting.

Speaking of books, each year I buy a calendar planner that I take almost everywhere with me. I write my life down in this book: article due dates, teaching hours, milestones, coffee dates, trip details – everything. For the new year, I managed to find a book that I think suits me to a T and I’d like to share some of its wisdom with you here:




I’m hoping to do both…

Who knows where I’ll start the year next year! But here are a few things I do hope to do in 2015:

1. Cross a couple more countries off my 30 Before 30 “Travel Bucket List”. (Am headed to Singapore and Hong Kong this month, which are both new for me!)

2. Grow my freelance writing business, Wordistry. (Will concentrate on this after my trip is done!)

3. Spend some time in Italy. (That’s always on my goal list for the year, and I’ve succeeded for the last 5 in a row…)

4. Engage in some professional development to make me a better teacher/writer/translator. (Exciting, but still need to plan this one out a bit.)

5. Dedicate more time to my creative writing. (Exciting and also… somewhat dread-inducing)

What are your goals for 2015?

Felice anno nuovo, readers. Happy New Year! Auguri! I wish you tante belle cose in the year to come, and I hope you’ll stick with me to see where this “Not Just Another ‘Dolce Vita'” of mine takes me.

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