Say a Little Prayer for Me…

Not Just Another "Dolce Vita"I’m going to ask you to farmi un piacere. Do me a favour. Please.

As I’ve maybe mentioned once or twice before, I’m in the slow and horrible process of applying for a Visa that will allow me to live and work in Italy. If you’re an active follower of this blog, you’ll have read about my past experiences in il bel paese and you’ll know that I just can’t get enough. I want to go back, and not just for a summertime visit. (Relax, Canadian friends and family. It won’t be forever!)

So I started this ridiculously complicated and frustrating Visa process in June of last year, and with the help of two great friends in Siena, have managed to get to the final stage: the application appointment at the Italian Consulate in Toronto.

Monday is judgement day. It’s the day when the hopefully happy and well-caffinated Consulate employee will peruse my pratica (application file), and check the innumerable documents I had to run willy-nilly around the public offices of Siena to get. Then they’ll either:

a) look at me kindly and say, “Signorina, everything seems to be in order. You can come back to collect your Visa next week. And, by the way, complimenti on your wonderful Italian.”

And I’ll smile.


b) brusquely point out many insufficiencies and inconsistencies with my file and say, “Signorina, I’m sorry but it is not possible to submit your Visa application today. You must do this and this and this and this and then re-book your appointment to come see us again when you really do have everything we require.”

Then I’ll cry.

Because the thing is, I’ve already done pretty much all I can possibly do to get everything they require. Every piece of paper, every stamp, every everything. My friends and I have spent hours, days of our lives even, trying to get all the required documenti (documents) to make this Visa a reality. But of course, like so many things in Italy, the country’s beautiful bureaucracy makes it impossible (in my situation) to have my i’s dotted and my t’s crossed the way they’d like them to be.

So on Monday, let’s hope for option A, shall we? But I have to admit, option B is a real possibility.

What I’m asking you, readers, is to incrociare le dita, to cross your fingers for me. Send me some good vibes and positive thoughts. And if you’re of the praying, candle-lighting persuasion, per favore, pull out all the stops because…

I really want this.

23 thoughts on “Say a Little Prayer for Me…

  1. It’s not do or die, it’s not A or B. Monday isn’t your destination, it’s just a part of the journey. You’ll either get the visa, or else you’ll need to do something else and get it on another Monday. In the end you will get to Italy this summer:-)

  2. Sarah, I will say a special prayer for you at church tomorrow, asking Saint Joseph, patron saint of workers, to help pave the way for you. Having just gone through the hellacious week before finally, miracle of miracles, obtaining my husband’s Italian citizenship, I know exactly what this is like. Keep us posted!!

    • Help – somehow WordPress signed me up to get an email everytime someone comments on your lovely blog. But it won’t let me uncheck that option at the subscription level. So anytime you get a comment on anything, I too get that in my inbox… I can’t even find how to unsubscribe and resubscribe as a way to alleviate the problem.

  3. I visited Italy many years ago, and fell in love. I daydream… wish… FANTASIZE about doing what you are attempting to do. I’m living vicariously through you. So when I say I wish this for you with all of my might, I mean it. Hoping good things happen for you today. And if they do – I might ask you for advice one day when I – in my wildest dreams – try to start the same process. Best of luck!

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