Sarah in Siena

Not Just Another As of yesterday, I officially started my year-long sojourn in Siena. It took me 8.5 hours of plane, 48 minutes of train and nearly 3 hours of pullman (bus) to get here, but I arrived in Siena essentially no worse for wear.

What’s beautiful about coming back to a place you already know and love is the warm welcome you receive once you get here. I’ve talked about it a bit in posts like this one from a few years ago. Last night was no different. I barely had the time to shower and change before I was being whisked away to my favourite piazza for aperitivo and dinner with friends.



Elegant aperitivo at my favourite spot: Liberamente Osteria, Siena.


Delicious dinner at La Mossa, Siena.

Then, just when I thought it was about time to take a quick passeggiata and head home, my friends surprised me with a “belated” birthday cake. My actual birthday, which I’ve celebrated in Siena before, was June 8th, otherwise known as trans-atlantic moving day.


27 in Siena.  Gnam gnam gnam!

Quindi (therefore), dear followers, now that I’m back in the bosom of Italy, you can certainly expect to see some more regular blog updates about life in Siena. As always, thanks for reading and following! Grazie!

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