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The Girl

My name is Sarah Mastroianni and Italy is a part of me. Anyone who knows me will tell you.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been fascinated by the Italian language and have felt strongly connected to my Italian roots. At 15 I had my first brush with Italy. Now at 20-something, with a Master of Arts in Italian Studies from the University of Toronto, and experience travelling, studying and working in The Boot, I can safely say that Italy, Italian culture and the Italian language have become some of my biggest passions.  This blog has given me an outlet through which to express my passion for Italian language and culture, to write (another passion) and also to share my firsthand knowledge with other lovers of Italy.

Want to know more about me?

Overlooking Orvieto

1. My favourite place in Italy is Siena. The city is enchanting, and it’s the place I’ve come to feel is my “Italian hometown”. I could sit in the Piazza del Campo and stare at the Palazzo Pubblico all day. I never tire of it.

2. My favourite gelato combination is mango & cioccolato fondente. (Mango and dark chocolate).

3. I didn’t like Italy the first time I went. A cute waiter and a red leather jacket helped to change that.

4. My Italian drink of choice is Prosecco. I detest the ever-popular Spritz.

5. I’m Canadian (from near Toronto), and proud to be one. Don’t think my love of Italy doesn’t leave room in my cuore for a love of my home country.

6. I didn’t grow up speaking Italian. I learned it in a classroom and cemented it in the piazza. That I speak it relatively well is a little source of pride for me. And I’ll eat my hat if you tell me it hasn’t been useful!

7. Writing and Italy are two of my passions. This blog is where I combine them.

8. I also work as a freelance writer and translator. Want to hire me? Check out my Hire Me page here.

Want to contact me? Shoot me an email at sarah{dot}mastroianni@hotmail.com.

Thanks for stopping by! Grazie!

29 thoughts on “About The Girl

  1. Hello To Tall to Be Tuscan, 🙂

    If you would like to guest post at my blog on a topic related to Italy, I would be honored. (www.universecityblog.wordpress.com). Especially being a Canadian abroad. Love that we have that in common.

    Just drop me an email if you’re interested.

  2. It is good for us! Unfortunately, the Cinque Terre was hit by some major flooding about a year ago and has to do some serious rebuilding. I’m sure it will be as beautiful as ever though! Have you been to many other places in Italy?

    • We, too, have been to the Cinque Terre twice, the last time just before the flooding. It is a beautiful area and rebuilding. Santa Marguerita Liqure nearby is a great town as well. Read Annie Hawes’ Ripe for the Picking if you can find it (and her other books about living in LIguire).
      We are returning once again this year, this time including Sicily (where my husband’s paternal grandparents originated). Have you ever been there?
      For another less travelled area, do go to Abruzzo.

  3. Hi Sarah, I have enjoyed reading through your blogs as it slows me and my blood pressure down! May I ask you a girl question? Not according to season but style do you dress differently in Italy then in Canada? Thank you for your time, I will look forward to your response 🙂 Connie

    • Hi Connie!

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I hope Not Just Another “Dolce Vita” slows you and your blood pressure down in a good way! Questions are always welcome, and I do dress slightly differently when I’m in Italy than when I’m in Canada.

      While on the weekends in Canada I’ll wear shorts, a tank top and flip flops, I wouldn’t dream of leaving the house like that in Italy. I’ve learned to suffer through the heat wearing pants or cropped pants, or at shortest, Bermuda shorts! However, in Italy I care less about things like my bra straps showing. In Canada I have no problem going out to do things with my hair still wet or damp from the shower, but when I did this in Italy I got some strange looks so I try to stay away from that!

      (In the picture above, you can see I’m wearing a tank top and bermuda shorts. In this instance I was in a beach town, so it seemed fairly accceptable. I wouldn’t have walked around Siena, where I lived, looking like that.)

      As far as bags and accessories go, I’ll never wear a backpack in Italy and I’ll only wear running shoes if I’m running. Italian women like to wear heels all the time (and Italian men like women who wear heels all the time), but since I’m already taller than most Italian men I tend to stay away from that. “Sandali” and “ballerine” for me!

      Please feel free to send any more general questions or “girl” questions my way, and grazie again for reading and commenting!

      • Thank you for sharing your stylish opinion ! I’m sure to visit Italy someday because the desire has been in my heart for a long time. With your advice I might embarrass myself less often…My Italian daydream helps me to live more in the moment and simplify my life. To create beauty right where I’m standing with what I have. Thank you for sharing your experiences and enriching my own Italian daydream.

  4. Regards from Down Unde Australia…only had a short stay there on a cruise ship. A day is not long enough to get the real feel of this amazing country ..to embrace the food, scenery local people. I will return one day soon..Thinking of doing a solo trip but at 57 am unsure for safety reasons. Currently reading Amalfi Blue by Lisa Fantino and Memoirs of a SoloTraveller.. Love your blog…thanx for sharing Liz

    • Ciao Liz, thank you so much for reading and commenting! I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog – I enjoy writing it! I think that Italy is a relatively safe country. Obviously it has it’s sketchy pockets, but if you don’t walk around alone too late at night, you should be just find. Go for it! Forza!!!

  5. Hi I have just discovered your blog and love it. I too am a lover of all things Italian. I am first generation born Italian-Australian and can completely relate to your obsession with Italy. After 14 years of working in Finance I too have started a blog and decided to chase my passion and am the author of the forthcoming book called “The Blending of Cultures” due to be released in early November. I would love to provide you with a copy if you would be interested in reading it as I feel that you may be able to relate to my story. It is my family story/cook book containing family recipes. I also have a blog called The Everyday Cook Network. Hope to hear from you. Tanya Bartolini.

  6. It is nice to hear from another lover of Italy! Without having any roots I studied the language for the sheer pleasure of its sound.
    We went twice, once in the Liguria where we visited among other places the cinque terre, and the second time was Venice which was enchanting, we managed to tuck in the islands around too.
    I wrote a few poems of those stays. I’m looking forward to “leaf” through your blog & follow your future posts 🙂

  7. Yes…Italy is a love of mine, and I lived in Siena – definitely one of my favorites and will forever hold a special place in my heart. So glad I found your blog!

  8. Ciaooooo! Ho appena scoperto il tuo blog, l’adoro! It resonates so much with me as I am also a Canadian girl who fell in love with Italy (and an Italian of course) almost six years ago and I am on the very cusp of my move to Bergamo in December. Would love to chat with you via our blogs, mine is http://www.questadolcevita.com, also dedicated to all things Italy. Sono sicura che avro’ tante domande per te!

      • Grazie mille! Ovviamente mi preoccupa il cerco di lavoro, vedremo, spero che tutto vada bene. All’inizio, avro’ solo il visto Working Holiday che mi permette di lavorare solo in un posto per 3 mesi, poi dicono che devi cambiare. I am worried it will be all holiday, no work! Haha.

  9. Hi Sarah!
    I’ve just discovered your blog .. really enjoying it 🙂 .. and I’ve passed it on to my English students here in Sydney, Australia. We’re looking at all those elements in blog posts that grab the audience – and you do it so well! It’s funny, interesting and so real! Apart from that, I love Italy, especially love Siena.. and will be over there holidaying in winter with my new husband very soon!!
    So thank you for adding to my excitement! Best, Leonie

  10. Buongiorno,

    As a first, congratz to you for being so passionate about Italy. I absolutely love the way you write about your experiences. Are you still writing? I sure do hope so! Since these comments go back to about 2012, I’m wondering what you’re doing right now. Do you currently live in Tuscany?



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