Summer Event: Siena and Stars

Not Just Another "Dolce Vita"Siena, the perfectly preserved medieval city I’ve come to think of as home in Italy, is hosting a series of great events this summer between 10 July and 2 August, called  Siena and Stars. I don’t usually write about events on here, but for this one, I just couldn’t resist.

You can reach the Siena and Stars website by clicking on their logo below but since the webpage is mostly in Italian, I thought I’d do you a favour and let you know what Siena and Stars is all about.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 6.10.15 PM

Taking place in Siena’s Piazza del Duomo against the stunning backdrop of Siena’s gothic cathedral, the organizers of Siena and Stars have put together a line up of not-to-be-missed performances of all kinds. From pop, to jazz, to opera, to ballet, to theatre, Siena and Stars has something for all tastes and price ranges.  Count on 10 – 60 euros per ticket, depending on the event you’re looking to attend. Not bad!

Siena is a wonderful place to visit no matter what’s going on, but for anyone who is venturing to Tuscany this summer, I’d recommend mixing it up with the locals at one of the Siena and Stars events. It’ll be a taste of Siena and Italy, at their best. Plus, you’ll be visiting this place:

Siena Skyline

Siena Skyline

A few event highlights:

July 10 – Marco Mengoni in concert

July 14 – Tango with Miguel Angel Zotto

July 19 – Buena Vista Social Club Orquesta in concert

July 21 – Mario Biondi and Pino Daniele in concert

July 25, August 1 &2 – Siena Jazz Concerts

For more information and a full listing of the events, visit the website at or call +39 0577  280 545. Email enquiries can be directed to, while tickets can be purchased online at or by telephone at + 39 055 21 08 04.

Buon divertimento!  Have fun!

3 thoughts on “Summer Event: Siena and Stars

  1. That city looks incredible! I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting Italy, but it is very high on my bucket list of trips. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone having a bad time there, and this looks like a great place to visit!

  2. I love Italy…have had the pleasure of temporarily living there with Italians. I was able to visit Siena the first time around, and fell in love with it. Great posts! Your blog makes me a little homesick for my Italian families..

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