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Travel. Language. Photos. Anecdotes. Information. Entertainment. Italy.

I hope to offer a different point of view on living in one of the world’s most visited, talked-about and romantic countries.

Feel free to comment, question and give feedback on the things you find here on Not Just Another “Dolce Vita”.  I adore corresponding and interacting with readers and followers, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment or a question.

I hope you get as much enjoyment from reading as I do from writing.

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If it’s your first time here, take a look at some of these posts to see what I’m all about:

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3 thoughts on “About The Blog

  1. Hi, am thinking of retiring next year and would like to visit Italy again (it’s been 24 years!!) would like to try and learn the language, it will be differcult as Im 55 and not to bright😃
    Would Siena be a good place to visit and learn a few words, Thank You, David

    Felicissimo Anno Nuovo!!

    • Hi David, thanks for reading and commenting! In my personal opinion, Siena is a great place to do anything. There are three language schools that I know of (I attended the Dante Alighieri one) and Siena is very tourist friendly, in my opinion. The locals do happen to speak with an accent that can appear strange to some people (saying th instead of t and h instead of c), but Tuscan is pretty much “proper Italian” so you won’t go too wrong. Feel free to send other questions my way! Felice anno nuovo!

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